Independent Directors and Management

R. Bruce Duncan

CEO & Director

Mr. Duncan brings to Evolving Gold over thirty years of experience in the capital markets and brokerage industry. He is the Principal of West Oak Capital Partners Inc., which provides strategic advisory services, including identifying and qualifying merger and acquisition candidates and advising in public transactions. Mr. Duncan's client base at West Oak Capital Partners has included financial services, aviation, mining, oil and gas, logistics, and retail industries. Mr. Duncan currently sits on the boards of several private companies and is the Executive Chairman of Canada Coal Inc., (CCK:TSX-V), an Independent Director of GeoNovus Minerals Corp., (GNM:TSX-V), Executive Chairman for Canada Carbon Inc. (CCB:TSX-V) and the former CEO and Director of Prosperity Goldfields Corp. (PPG:TSX-V). Mr. Duncan also has extensive experience advising corporate clients on takeovers, both friendly and hostile, either by designing and executing effective approaches to acquiring assets or by implementing defensive strategies.

William (Bill) Majcher, BCom


William (Bill) Majcher is Managing Director, International Business, Europe and Middle East for Baron International Limited, a Hong Kong based merchant bank. His background includes management, structured finance, emerging markets, strategic planning, and risk management. In his 20 year career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Mr. Majcher achieved remarkable success in covert and public market investigations working with law enforcement and securities regulators from around the globe.

Robert "Nick" Horsley


Mr. Robert "Nick" Horsley has over 10 years of public markets experience focused in finance, investor relations, marketing management and merger & acquisitions. Mr. Horsley has served as a director and a consultant to several public and private companies and has worked in a variety of industries including: consumer goods, energy, mining, oil & gas, nutraceuticals & pharmaceuticals, and technology.

Charles E. Jenkins, BA, CPA, CGA


Mr. Jenkins has broad experience in accounting, banking, securities regulation and corporate finance. Most recently, he has served as the Chief Financial Officer for a number of Vancouver mining exploration and development companies, such as White Mountain Titanium, Oremex Resources, Aurcana Corporation and Rock Teck Lithium. Prior to his involvement with public companies he previously worked in corporate finance with brokerage houses in Vancouver and Calgary.

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