Geology Team


Professional Geologist, M.SC.

Jean-Philippe Paiement graduated from Université du Québec à Montréal (2006) with a B.Sc. in Resources Geology and from Université Laval (2009) with a M.Sc. in Metallogeny and Geochemistry. Jean-Philippe specializes in ore deposit geology, resources estimation, geostatistics and structural geology.

Upon finishing his studied Jean-Philippe worked as a geologist for Teck at Red Dog (Zn-Pb) mine covering the short term mine exploration program. Jean-Philippe started working with SGS Canada Inc. as a consulting geologist for exploration and drilling campaigns in 2009. Since then, Jean-Philippe has been integrated as a full time member of SGS Canada Inc (2010) and he developed a specialization in exploration geology modelling and targeting, resources estimation, geostatistics, mine audits and sample selection.

Jean-Philippe led and participated on several technical reports and is considered a “Qualified Person” for numerous commodities such as Au-Ag veins, polymetallic deposits and industrial mineral deposits (REE, Lithium, Phosphate, Graphite and Iron Ore).

Recently, Jean-Philippe, together with the SGS team, won the Integra Gold Rush Challenge put forward by Integra Gold, with the objective of finding new drilling data using the extensive historic data. The combination of strong scientific based interpretations and machine learning to create a dynamic exploration model was valued by both an independent technical panel and a jury made of industry titans; and was awarded first prize.


Pierre-Alexandre Pelletier started his geologist career in Northern Quebec, prospecting for exotic elements like uranium and rare earth elements in pegmatite bodies. In 2009 he completed a master degree on pegmatite hosted uranium deposit in the Ungava Bay area of Quebec. Pierre-Alexandre has extensive knowledge of mineralogy and rare minerals as often found in pegmatite and granite bodies. He is a member of the Ordre of Geologists of Quebec (No. 1324).


Steven Lauzier is a member of the Order of Geologists of Quebec (No. 1430). He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Quebec Mineral Exploration Association. Mr. Lauzier specializes in the acquisition and management of mining claims in the province of Quebec, and is very familiar with Quebec’s mining system. Mr. Lauzier has acquired extensive knowledge about the province’s deposits and showings for a number of commodities, including dolomite, iron-titanium, graphite, molybdenite, brucite, zinc-lead-barium, nickel, uranium and rare earth elements, apatite, silver, copper-zinc-lead and gold.

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