Toro, Quebec

Toro Property (September 26th, 2017)

Toro 7

Figure 1. Field Prospecting Activities on Toro 7

Photo 1: Pegmatites, Basalts and Granodiorite on Toro 7

Photo 2: Magnetite in pegmatite on Toro 7

Toro 14

Figure 2. Field Prospecting Activities on Toro 14

Toro 23 and Toro 24

Figure 4. Field Prospecting Activities Conducted on Toro 23 and 24

Photo 3: Sulphide Rich Outcrop in the SW Area of Toro 23

Photo 4: Pyrite and Chalcopyrite in a Basalt on the SW area of Toro 23

Photo 5: Another Sulphide Rich Basalt Outcrop on Toro 23's SW area

Photo 6: A Block of Sulphide Rich Sediment in Toro23’s SW area

Photo 7: Sulphide Rich Veins on Toro 23's NE area

Photo 8: Gossan Located in the NE area of Toro 23

Photo 9: Pillow Lava and Tuff, Toro23
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